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Accordion Bugari Armando

Nowadays I use a button accordion made by Bugari Armando which is an Italian company (about 90% of all professional accordions are produced in Italy in Castelfidardo such as Bugari Armando). The Bugari Armando accordion (C type) is produced using the best technology. I chose model 580/BAJAN C system/convertor (58/55/120-4/6-15+1C+6+5M). I chose my accordion in Frankfurt (Germany) where I visited the biggest music exhibition and trade fair in Europe. I tested accordions of all the best makes there and I chose Bugari Armando, because it suited me the best. I ordered my accordion in Frankfurt. The accordion was brought from Italy (Castelidardo) in spring 2000. The accordion had a general overhaul in May 2006 in Castelfidardo. General repairs are performed by Karel Elicar in the Czech Republic, this way I would like to express him my thanks.

I am very satisfied with this accordion. This accordion is melodic and ringing at all pitch. The accordion takes the tune very well and the bajan bass has a nice sound. It has standard dimensions and weight. The accordion is mastered very well. The design of Bugari Armando is simple, but very elegant.

More information about my accordion can be found here.

Roland V-Accordion

I won a digital Roland V-Accordion with technology PBM (Physical Behavior Modeling) model FR-7b at a competition in Prague, which took place during the Music 2008 festival. Model FR-7 has both stradelli bass and free bass. There are a lot of programmes and affects such as Chorus, Reverb, Rotary effect, sophidticated MIDI control, 40 memories called Sets with 14 treble register, 7 bass and chord registers and 7 free bass registers each.

Roland V-Accordion is very interesting music instrument for me, because I can use a big number of various sounds during the playing on this accordion. There are many new possibilities of making sound. So, it is very interesting and challenging work of experimentation. Another big advantage of this accordion is a possibility of playing with headphones and without disturbing the neighbourhood. I was using this advantage in Rome very often.

More information about Roland V-Accordion can be found here.