Accordion player Marie Zichová - About me

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Few words about Marie Zichová

She started to learn the accordion at music school in Pilsen under Věra Blašková and during the next few years also under Jan Kotrč. She played solo accordion as well as chambre music. She played accordion duo together with Radek Dlouhý from 1994 to 1999 and with Pegas orchestra from 1994 to 2000. Following her success she began to study accordion at the Conservatory in Pilsen under Jarmila Vlachová in September 2000. She exchanged piano accordion for button accordion (bajan).

In summer 2002 she took a master class of accordion at CNIMA (International and National Centre of Music and Accordion) in France. At the end of the master class she was invited to study at CNIMA which she accepted. Her professors were Jacques Mornet, Roman Jbanov, Domi Emorine and Franck Angelis. In June 2002 She passed the DEM international exams and obtained the DEM diploma in classical solo accordion and chamber music. On the basis of her accordion and music results she was able to study at CNIMA also the following year. In Septeber 2004 (when she came bach to Czech Republic), she continued in her studies at the Conservatory in Pilsen under Jarmila Vlachová. She passed the leaving exams in June 2008 and obtained a Dis. diploma of the Conservatory in Pilsen. She tought accordion at music school Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe in Galway, Ireland from 2010 to 2011. Since September 2012 she is teaching accordion at musich school of Bedřich Smetata in Pilsen.

Since September 2008 she has also played digital V-accordion. She has taken master classes under Claudio Jacomucci at Italian Accordion Academy in Urbino (Italy). She took courses in Serbia, where she consult her accordion program with Prof. Radomir Tomic and Vojin Vasovic and Viatcheslav Semionov. She attended seminars of Frederic Deschamps, Maria Ostman and master class under Jytte von Ruden. She has participated in a number of international accordion competitions.

She is playing classical music, jazz, french musette, tango and her own compositions. Her the most favourite accordion composer is Astor Piazzolla, a bandoneon player and composer from Argentina. she has also played a number of compositions from French composer Franck Angelis who was her teacher. She has performed many concerts in the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland, Italy, Ireland etc. She has played at music festivals, exhibitions, celebrations and parties, for celebrities, small children, retirees and handicapped people. She plays at beneficial concerts for repairing historic building.

I would like to thank all people who help me in my music life....above all my parents,Věra Blašková, Foundation of Czech Music Fund, Foundation of Live of Musicians and Jacques Mornet.